Resolve deep emotional blocks, traumas, allergies, and infections. Wellness techniques including N.E.T., Spectrum light pulse therapy, and A.C.T. magnetic trauma release protocols. These treatments are pain free and do not require needles, drugs, nor any need to disrobe.

Wellness Treatment (30 mins.)$65
Wellness Treatment (60 mins.)$120
Light Treatment Therapy (addon)$200

James Manalisay, Holistic Practitioner

With over 25 years’ private practice, James Manalisay has helped over 1000 clients – families, professionals, and children – to resolve deep emotional blocks, traumas, allergies and infections. He addresses the spiritual imbalances which manifest as pain, fatigue, confusion, insomnia, weight issues, and early aging. These conditions can lead to self-sabotage and addiction. James has a holistic medical doctorate from the East Bay Academy of Energetic Medicine, as well as training on the 25 Body Type System by Dr. Carolyn Mein.

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